December 21, 2023

Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, the protagonist of a fascinating culinary anecdote, inspired an imperial dessert called “Kaiserschmarren”. Legend has it that, following a mistake by the royal chef in preparing a crepe at the emperor’s request, the resulting creation was a sort of “omelette”. To disguise the accident, the dessert was broken into pieces, caramelized and served with jam. The emperor, delighted by the unique flavour, was enthusiastic about it. Since then, Kaiserschmarren has become a delight loved by all, particularly appreciated for breakfast or as a snack, perhaps after a day of skiing.

The preparation of this dessert involves some special techniques, such as cutting the omelette before flipping it in the pan. By following our procedure, you will guarantee a perfect result both in terms of appearance and flavour. Kaiserschmarren is the ideal snack wherever you are, a tasty homage to imperial culinary history.

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